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David J Taylor
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United Kingdom
I use to study art for much of my youth now i create my own universe. The era is the 5th Battlestar Wars, set 450-500 billion years in the future. Humanity has evolved in two seperate ways. The civilians evolved wings to become the Angel Kingdom. The Military are legions of super human clones known as the Imperium. 4 major universal wars has broken out already and both sides paid heavily. Though the Imperium was quick to recover they have lost possesion of Earth many times and now Earth will never become their capital again. the Angels suffered the worst in the wars almost becoming exstinct numerous times, but their superior Technology and powerful allies granted them that all important objective, survival.

Once an Image has earned enough views, it will be up for sale. However there are limitations;
Star Ship, Vehicle and Weapon Designs are NOT for sale.
My story shows a Universe 450 to 500 billion years from now. A whole Universe which is immortal and no one knows its cause let alone the return of the Milky way galaxy and all the star systems within. The ultimate prize of the Universe is the home world of both the Angel Kingdom and the Imperium, Earth. Earth and its system were thought lost in Solar's destruction of a supernova. However this turns out to be false.

The First Battlestar Wars was thought to have begun 5000 years from now when the Imperium has ruled for centuries unopposed by anything until terrorists began to mount a War to liberate Earth and it badly treated civilian populace. This was not-successful due to the fact that the Imperium's 10 Legions have a firm hold on every world conquered. Not just our Galaxy but invading several neighbouring Galaxies too. The Terrorists soon found and awaken forbidden and ancient cyber technology that was locked away by the Imperium during their rise to power. Many of these machines were recovered and rebuilt forming a new fighting force known only as the Angelbots led by Griffon Prime. The Imperium discovers this and quickly secures those that weren't rescued thus rebuilding and reprograming them to become the Imperialcons led by the unstoppable Megadrone. The war lasted for many millions of years with Earth exchanging hands multiple times. The New formed Alliances gained an unlikely ally, resident space Dragons from the volcanic world of Pyron these are the Pyros. The War grinded to a stalemate even though the Imperium had more victories than defeats. Then an ancient evil force from 500 billion years ago invades our universe bent on nothing but destruction. These are the Godcons led by their Emperor the Spark of Death. The Angelbots and Imperialcons joined forces to battle this new menace and defeats the Godcons and their elites in their tracks. Death was only destroyed by 2 Legendary Dragons known formally as the Dragon Brothers but separately as Shining Dragon and his twin Shadow Dragon.

The second Battlestar Wars happened 50 billion years from now. The Alliance was rewarded by the Godcon rivals the Godbots to a new Universe since our own was dying for defeating the Godcons. However the Imperium manages to follow the Alliance to the new Universe but hostilities didn't begin until many millions of years after setting into their new Universe. The Alliance broken down into many individual factions with Heaven as their Capital led by a re-established monarch and his royal Family, much to the discomfort of the military high command council. These humans began an evolutionary change to their bodies but wasn't fully notices until the Imperium invaded their territory. War broke out very quickly with the Angelbots were the only thing keeping the newly named Winged humans from destruction at the hands of the unchanged but updated 10 Legions of the Imperium. After many more billions of years of conflict with the Winged Humans taking the worst of it having no real allies and were being overrun by the never ending clone armies of the Imperium, things went from bad to worse as the Godcon Emperor has returned to destroy them. Once again old rivals unite to fight of the Godcon Emperor but couldn't stop him on their own. Death was only destroyed again thanks to the intervention of the Dragon Brothers being, somehow, in the area. The Destruction of the Godcon Emperor destroyed the Universe and in its place a whole new universe that seems ageless.

The Third Battlestar Wars happened 250 billion years from now. The Winged human has evolved even more and have adopted the identity of Angels to name their species. The Angels once again were unaware of any hostilities and seems to enjoy peace and prosperity under a Royal banner, However the Imperium was lurking in the shadows. The Angels only occupy three worlds and had a next to no existing military presence apart from the Angelbots. But once the Imperium attacks with 5 of their 10 Legions defeat was immediate. But the Angels in desperation fled from their homes in large fleets to escape. The Imperium pursued the Angels across the entire Universe leaving no time for the Angels to even settle down let alone a chance to negotiate for a seize fire. However there is another factor for both sides to contend with. The Godcons have returned in full force after finally destroying their rivals the Godbots in an inter-dimensional time war which Cohen side with the Ancient Godian term of Battlestar. This was the most destructive of all the wars been and gone. Time and Space itself was being ripped apart by the Universal Apocalypse. However throughout this destruction there was an sung hero in the war. The Pyros once thought to be extinct at the end of the first war has been harassing the rear of the Imperium since the break out of war and they themselves are migrating looking for a new home. The Angels after nearly 100 billion years of fighting discovers the Milky way Galaxy with Earth, all in one piece and intact. The Angels occupy their home world and this time decided to stand and fight rather than run. The Command Council wanted to retreat but the Royal Family had the backing of their people and weren't going to abandon their home of origins. The last few million years of the war was in the Milky way Galaxy with the Angels and Imperium in the thick of it. With Godcons now causing more problems and the arrival of their Emperor cause both Angelbots and Imperialcons to once again join forces. Heavy losses were taken but Death was vanquished once again by the Dragon Brother's timely arrival. The Imperium retreats away to lick their wounds leaving the seriously beaten Angels lost.

The Fourth Battlestar Wars happen 400 billion years from now. The Angels haven't really recovered from the last war and had been in an age of strife and darkness for millions of years. Earth's half of the Galaxy was in chaos and corruption with many minor civil wars between feuding worlds. However on the opposite side of the Galaxy the Angels were protected by the growing Pyro Empire which has established trade with these Angel Worlds and another super power from the Andromeda Galaxy, the Radian Galactic Senate. On Earth one Royal Prince decides to end the age of darkness by unifying all the Angels under a new Kingdom. Royal Prince Adam began his crusade which officially began the 4th Wars to liberate the Angels from the darkness they have been in for the last 50 billion years. With Earth as his capital Adam sets out with his new Army of Spartans to bring unification to all Angels. However there was some difficulties. An Angelic faction called the Disciples of Babylon have come beyond our Galaxy's borders in search of the holy world of Earth cause some problems to the Spartan Legions as the Royal Spartans discovered that the Disciples of Babylon were led by a parasite species once thought destroyed in the first wars called Babylonians. After many delays in fending off the Babylonians the Crusade reached its halfway mark across the Galactic disc before the missing player of any Battlestar Wars comes in to ruin the Prince's dream, The Imperium. This time with 20 Legions. The Imperium pushes the Angels back on themselves and almost corners them back against Earth, However Salvation was in at hand in the form of the mighty Pyro Empire and their Radian Allies to save the Kingdom from being over whelmed. The Pyros had been waiting to greet the Angels in their half of the galaxy before the Imperium invasion which upset the Pyro Emperor of the time as he wanted to forge an allegiance with the Angel Kingdom. This dream was still possible and it did. The Angels, the Pyros and the Radians held off the Imperium but Prince Adam was finally killed in battle and was succeed by his only child Princess Athena. The War dragged on to a bloody stalemate until the arrival of the Godcons caught the Angels and the Imperium's attention again. Emperor Death was back with his home world, what's left of it, the home of the Godians (AKA Godbots and Godcons), Godia. Death was destroyed by the Dragon Brothers once again but a new form of warrior arose from the destruction and new cyber warrior type, known only as Diverners.

The Fifth Battlestar Wars happened 450 billion years from now on and officially still going. The Angel Kingdom has done better since the end of the 4th wars with their leader Athena. Expanding faster and beyond their wildest dreams alongside the Pyro Empire and Radian Galactic Senate, together forming the Universal Republic. The Angels now set out for 2 things. Find the 20 Colonies that fled Earth during the final years of the last wars to reunite them. And to find the 4 missing fragments of the Spark of Life which in the last war was discovered that Athena bears part of the Spark of Life that the Spark of Death was hunting for. The Angels was more careful this time than they were before and kept a significant military wing encase of war. It's a good thing they did. They encounter the Imperium and war began again. But this time the Angels are no longer push overs like they were in the previous wars and managed to hold a front line. This becomes the dreaded No Man's Space which splits the universe in two. The Republic on one side and the 40 Legion strong Imperium on the other. As the war dragged on new Imperialcons and Angelbots clash. The new Divine Angelbots led by Vesuvius the Volcano Dragon and the Divine Imperialcons led by his long term rival Nemesis the Overfiend Dragon. Soon the Republic was forced to fight on another front against a religious collection of fanatical aliens called the Galactic covenant claims the Angels as heretics to their Religion. In the early days of that conflict Athena finds Venus an identical Angel with a different part of the Spark of Life. Some millions of years later the once though lost ship the RSS Shining Hawk returns to the Kingdom carrying Aurora and another part of the Spark of Life and bringing in the Deamonians into the war causing problems for both the Imperium and the Republic. Not long later the Disciples of Babylon are back in force forcing the republic to fight on another front. Thousands of years after Aurora joins her sisters the Imperium ran into a new problem of their own. One of their Legions turned renegade and abducted the Emperor's daughter Andromeda, who no one knew at the time to have the 4th fragment of the spark of Life within her. She was rescued by her three sister Princesses and was reunited with them against the Imperium. The renegades now open a new front in the war, the past. The Angels developed just in time a new Spartan regiment to deal with this danger in their ancient past of Earth before the Battlestar Wars ever begun, in other words, Now. But these Enforcer Spartans weren't alone in removing the Renegade contamination to our history the Emperor's 5th Legion got involved too. Somewhere in the mix on Ancient Earth a new Princess was born by the name of Aphrodite containing the final and most important fragment of the spark of life. She was found in a capsule above Earth 500 billion years after she was born, and no one knew she was there the whole time. Once she was found the Godcons have made their presence noticed even more than they had throughout the war so far and now the final confrontation will begin again. Who would win this epic struggle?
The Five Princesses of the Angel Kingdom? Athena, Venus, Aurora, Andromeda and Aphrodite.
The Emperor of the Pyro Empire? Uria and his Imperial family.
The Veteran Fleetseer of the Radian Galatic Senate? Eldan Ulthan and his fellow Veteran Senetors.
The Emperor of the Imperium? Sithien the Great and his Loyal 40 Legion Commanders.
The Master Priest of the Desiples of Babylon? Xavior and his false Babylonian gods.
The Avatars of the Galactic Covenant? Satarn, Marz, Jupitarn, Neptarn, Uranarn and Plutarn.
The Emperor of the Deamonians? Name unknown and his Deamonian Queen and Princes.
The Heroes of the Angelbots? Griffon Prime, Vesuvius the Volcano Dragon and Holy Dragon, Miracle.
The Heroes of the Imperialcons? Megadrone and Nemesis the Overfiend Dragon.
Or the Emperor of the Godcons and brother to the Spark of Life? The Spark of Death.
Will the Dragon Brothers return? Shining and Shadow Dragon?
What's your bets?


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SiwySzczur Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2016
Nice gallery:)
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Thanks, and thanks for the fav too.
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No problem, I like good art:) I invite you to my gallery:)If you like my work, watch me :)
Vesuvius-Dragon Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Happy Birthday
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maybe you can do a series of pics involving open wars between various factions of your characters (or all of them together </dividebyzero>) or the aftermath of all the armoured dead bodies littering the battlefield :P
Vesuvius-Dragon Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I might get round to doing a series of Images call Duels, showing off various fights between the characters. These Duels would mostly involve the Angels as I am currently writing a series of Books to go along with this lot. Mostly following the War from the Angels' perspective.
AngelGanev Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2015
Awesome works! Looking forward to seeing more from you! :squee:
BasstheDragon Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2015
Hey Vesuvius! I know I don't fav/comment a lot on your work, but I just wanted to say that you have a lot of amazing tank/figher/motherships design! Keep it up, I really enjoy them :)
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